The SimCity Buildit helped me To Learn how To Economize

simcity buildit nice city

I have played several building games but have never enjoyed them so much as SimCity. Each and every feature of the game is fascinating and gives the player utmost satisfaction. I have the full liberty to design my town and operate it. Whenever I played the game, for some reason, I wanted to test how well I could proceed by spending the least. This seemed to me like a challenge. I ultimately found it quite possible to play the game in a cost effective fashion. This was a unique experience for me, and I enjoyed it a lot.

The first step that I remember taking, to spend less money, was planning for my inventory. In most cases, the approach is to keep a good stock of each and every item. But my approach was only taking those items that I required at that moment. The goods that my Sims needed urgently were piled up in my inventory. The materials that I needed to upgrade my city were also taken. This method was greatly cost effective, and I really could see improvement in my city as a whole. This was because I could save that money for other important functions.

I paid much attention to the placement of important public services buildings. These services are indispensable for any town and maintain the proper functioning in it. The investment required for these buildings is quite a lot. So I saw to it that each such building catered to many residential buildings at a stretch. I did this by making a road on top of three residencies in one single row. Above the street, there were two other residencies having a park and fire station in between them. Thus all the residencies received access to the basic public services. There was efficient planning as well as considerable savings.

I didn’t so quickly decide to build more equipped factories. Larger factories may benefit to some extent. But it is not at all justified if there is not enough capital for the purpose. For this reason, I first determined how much capital I had. Many times I didn’t find enough capital for that large a factory. So I went for sustaining my small factories instead. If I had chosen to build more advanced factories, more SimCash would be required. In that case, I might have brought the extra cash through simcity buildit hack apk. So the usage of hack tools can also be avoided by this procedure.

So the SimCity Buildit also acted as a great measurement of my economizing skills. I learned how to manage the expenses by tactful and measured steps. Thus this game is all about strategies and forced me to brainstorm on how to play in a more measured way. The game acted as a great learning tool for me. It equipped me in strategizing and proper decision-making skills. These are key skills required in every walk of life. In the process, I learned something which is very much required in life.

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